About Us

Who We Are

RSI Export House is a dynamic, versatile export company which continually evolves to embrace changing market dynamics and develop new consumer experiences.

RSI Export House is spearheaded by a business & operations professional, whose career has spanned 28 years in successfully developing and managing Regional holding markets of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in the Middle East, East Africa, Iran & India.

RSI Export House has acquired over time, the capabilities and competencies in:
Identifying, Researching and Analysing varied product categories & its dynamics.

Understanding our Customer’s ‘Needs’ & ‘Wants’, and fulfil the demand through efficient and effective 4P’s implementation.

Devising efficient Performance Management Systems for our Continuous Improvement.

Our Core Values and Principles

We at RSI Export House strongly believe – by keeping and delivering our commitments to our business partners – IS THE PILLAR – of creating trust and consequently building up on a profitable and long term business association.

We conduct every aspects of our Export business with utmost transparency and sincerity to become your ‘Preferred Business Partner of Choice’.

We at RSI Export House invest a lot of time, effort and resources to source products of maximum possible standards for you.

We seek to deliver – ‘World Class’.

Be it our Customers, Suppliers, Workers, Members of Supply Chain, or Anybody relevant in our business – RSI Export House treats each individual with utmost Respect & Trust.

RSI Export House takes immense pride on KEEPING the Trust, Faith and Confidence bestowed upon us by all our Stakeholders.

We at RSI Export House strongly believe in TEAM WORK to achieve Common Goals and build up a Sustainable, Profitable & Long Term Business Relationships, worldwide.

What We Do

Our Tasks to Achieve Our Customer’s Satisfaction

We at RSI Export House feel proud that we possess the abilities to devise innovative business processes, efficiently implement them on ground & successfully achieve territorial & operational goals – through:

Effective Retail & Distributor Handling.

Efficiently manage the entire Supply Chain.

Business Development.

Marketing & Brand Management.

With these professional competencies instilled and expected to achieve, our Staff at RSI Export House feels confident while claiming in being a DIFFERENT Export House at your service.

Our Offerings

FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES : For your Dining Table, For your Gourmet dishes, For your Culinary adventures, As supplies to Chef Kitchens or Just Like That!!!

JUTE : Shopping Bags, Wine Bags / Bottle Bags and any other desired presentation made of this Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable and Trendy fabric.

100% PURE SILK : Shirts, Ties & Cravats – for your Fashion Indulgences, Dressing Moods, for Elegant Work Place or Social Appearances, or while undertaking your Trend Setting & Trail Blazing desires.

We Guarantee – you WILL get noticed!!

PURE LEATHER : Jackets, Gloves, Vests – to bring out that Wild Animal within you.

AUTHENTIC INDIAN SPICES : For that Little Magic on your Taste Buds OR simply add a little Legend & Heritage on your dinner plate.